Wonstep Carpet Cleaning Concept


The Wonstep Carpet Cleaning Concept is based on a new generation of carpet cleaning chemicals combined with the most powerful moveable carpet cleaning machines in the world. Both parts can also stand on their own, e.g. the chemicals can be used with any existing technology to clean carpets and the CFR machines can be run by the common, detergents containing carpet cleaning chemicals. Nevertheless only the combination of both ends provides the unique Wonstep Carpet Cleaning Concept. Using this concept means the carpet cleaning job is much easier and less time consuming and results in a cleaner and drier carpet which will lasts at least 50% longer than carpets cleaned with all other conventional systems.

Advantages of the Wonstep Chemicals

Wonstep does not contain any harmful or environmentally affecting ingredients even the products doesn’t need any bleaches or preservatives. Therefore the products never affect people, the fibre of the carpet or the environment at all. No other carpet cleaning product can guaranty that all in once. The products work on a new chemical concept, introduced by us and called “Microsplitting”. It means the soil is split down on a nano base and the singular molecules can be removed easily from the surface of any type of fibre.

To make the new technology working on all existing systems, Wonstep chemicals should never be used in the tank of any equipment. This would waste too much of these valuable products. Instead the diluted concentrate should be pre-sprayed on the fibre where it starts immediately splitting down the soil. The chemical is extracted together with the soil only with plain water. Therefore the chemical consumption is reduced to a minimum.

The lack of harmful ingredients makes Wonstep chemicals never foaming, never smelling and never leaving any sticky residues on the surface of the fibre. OneStep also does not affect any type of fibre protection like Scotchguard® or Teflon®.

Wonstep is for a WoolSafe® approved product outstanding regarding the cleaning performance. Even carpets in pubs, which haven’t been maintained for years, can be cleaned giving them their original colour back.

As Wonstep products are WoolSafe® approved it is never possible to damage any type of fibre -neither synthetic (PP, nylon, polyester etc.) nor natural products like wool, silk, cotton or jute when cleaning with these chemicals.

Wonstep takes away about 95% of all types of stains. Only chewing gum, tar and rust have to be treated separately. To remove a stain it is in most of the cases sufficient to pre-spray a little bit more and does some agitation to break down the soil of the stain.

As mentioned above it is possible to use Wonstep chemicals with all other existing carpet cleaning technologies, only foam generators are an exception. Therefore if only small areas have to be maintained the product can easily be used with a towel, a small spotter, a Bonnet-System, with a powder or any spray-extraction equipment.

Advantages of CFR Machines

CFR carpet cleaning systems are the most advanced and the most fascinating machines in the world looking at the technical features.  With this equipment it is possible to clean the carpet faster, leave them much drier and cleaner then all other portable spray-extraction systems in the world.

As the water is constantly recycled, the machines can run up to two hours without water change. This helps to save water and time and reduces the necessary manpower.

The pump is very powerful. The pressure range is from 400 to 750 psi. This power makes every minute up to 7 litres of water running through the fibre to make sure that all solubilised soil is washed away. It leaves the carpet definitely cleaner then other systems.

By far the most advanced feature is the spraying nozzle system which is patented. The nozzles create only a fine mist, which never penetrates the backbone of the carpet. The fine droplets are simply hampered to become much bigger drops of water. Therefore it is possible to clean even in office areas with under floor wiring for electricity and electronic communication. Thanks to this technology the drying time for spray-extracted carpets can be reduced by 1-2 hours. Conventional systems need 12-24 hours.

The big Paramount 20SP, a self propelled system, allows to spray-extract up to 500 sqm of carpet per hour. The machine can be handled as easy as a scrubber-drier for hard floors. It has a lot of similarities to these type of equipment.

On top of all these advantages it is possible to equip all CFR models with an ozone generator. The ozone gas is produced by electricity while the machine is running. The chemically very active ozone will immediately attack all type of organic material and in this way destroy bacteria, fungi, allergens and even eggs from mites, ubiquitous living together with people as parasites.

To combine all this advantages CFR carpet cleaning machines are simply the top of the market.

Additional advantage when using Wonstep Carpet Cleaning Concept

Beside the o/m huge advantages the combination of both parts even allows starting a new type of professional carpet cleaning. The aim is to have always a well looking carpet and on the other hand to extend the lifetime of the carpets to make the investment into carpets more profitable.

As Wonstep chemicals never leave any residues on the fibre and never damage any protection system and the machines run as fast as a commercial vacuum, we recommend to use this equipment more intensively, in a way use it for regular cleaning maintenance. That means that high traffic areas with high grease intake as restaurants should be maintained with this system 1-2 times per month; high traffic areas once a month and all others about every three month. This approach has to be established by the owner of the carpet, as he is the one who benefits most from this system. But also the industrial cleaner can benefit as he delivers the best possible results and can develop a close relationship to the clients as he is regard and respected as a professional, helping to safe the clients’ investment.

From our experience, following this approach, the Wonstep chemical can further be diluted and the carpet will at least last 50% longer. Beside that the carpet always presents itself clean, the colours remain shiny during the whole life time.